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Celebrating Over 55 Years of Honest Reliable Water Heater Service!

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Water Heaters Only, Inc was founded on the simple principle of providing the quickest response with quality service at the lowest price for water heater installation and repair. Now over 55 years later our goal is still the same. Provide our customers with a quick response for quality service at a low cost. With over 500,000 satisfied customers we can proudly say, we are the only water heater company you will ever need when it comes to your water heater. Licensed and insured, since 1968. We take pride in specializing in one thing – Water Heaters!

One of the prime reasons Water Heaters Only, Inc provides superior service is our expertise. We attribute this to our long employee tenure. Most Water Heaters Only, Inc employees have a long history with the company. The average employee tenure is approximately 15 years and quite a few of our employees have been here for over 20 years. We’re more like a family working together than just another water heater company.

The second reason we are able to provide superior service is our continual training. Our staff and technicians are trained directly by the manufacturers when new products, new water heater accessories or product design changes are released. Technicians and staff are also trained on new code requirements when the uniform plumbing code, mechanical code or gas codes are updated.

In recent years water heaters have undergone many energy and safety upgrades, we make sure we are an active partner with the manufacturers and continually educated ourselves on all the newest products and designs. When working with the water heater manufacturers we are able to offer feedback from our long term experience in the field. Our feedback often comes right from the consumer when we are repairing or installing water heaters in our customers homes. This helps the manufacturers to build a better product when they need to redesign products to comply with new air pollution and energy standards.

Finally, included in our superior service is our low pricing, by specializing in one aspect of plumbing we are able to keep our costs to a minimum and pass that savings on to our customers. By keeping our costs and overhead to a minimum company wide we can pass these additional savings on to our customers.

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Want to know more about Water Heaters Only, Inc, read a sample of our customer reviews or check out our corporate website at www.waterheatersonly.com.

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