Winter Weather Tips for your Water Heater

water heaters only winter weather

As the weather turns colder, the change in temperature in not only the air but also the ground water may cause problems for your water heater (yes, even in California!). One big issue that people see during the winter months is running out of hot water sooner than normal. That is typically a result of … Read more

Do You Have Enough Combustion Air?

What is combustion air? It is the air necessary for a gas appliance such as a water heater to function properly. Not to get too basic here, but gas appliances require a certain amount of air to be used for combustion, much the same way that the fire in your fireplace needs air to get … Read more

Water Heaters Only, Inc. saves the day with a New Hot Water Heater!

water heater fast replacement in concord

On May 26, 2017, Water Heaters Only, Inc. received a call from a rental property owner who needed a Hot Water Heater fast! Sandy C. got the runaround from other contractors who tried to convince her that she needed a tankless unit and should spend about $7000! “Water Heaters Only did a thorough inspection on the … Read more

How to save money AND the planet with your hot water heater

save money and the planet with water heater efficiency

Did you know that water heating is the second largest energy expense in your home? Heating water with efficient water heaters uses far less energy than traditional water heaters. When you heat with an efficient hot water heater, these are some of the features you want to make sure you are using: To learn more … Read more

Tankless water heaters pros and cons

concord tankless water heater replacement upgrade

BENEFITS OF TANKLESS WATER HEATERS FOR CONCORD RESIDENTS The ever-changing world of water heaters has produced energy and time saving equipment to make your home run smoothly. The most common question we receive about new tech is regarding tankless water heaters. People want to know what they are and how an installation would improve their … Read more

What to do with your yard during a drought

Sometimes in California’s drought, even winter can feel dry like summer. Dry weather means more playing in the yard and, of course, it also means even more yard maintenance. But how do you successfully maintain a yard in the midst of California’s five year drought? After Gov. Jerry Brown enacted the California State of Emergency in 2014, … Read more

Not Enough Hot Water

My hot water is lukewarm, it doesn’t really get hot like it used to? If it feels like your running out of hot water or your water doesn’t get really hot, your water heater may be experiencing problems from sediment or a malfunctioning part. Sediment A good way to test for sediment is to drain … Read more