40 gallon water heater, Water Heater replacement

Water Heaters Only, Inc Concord installs a brand new 40 gallon water heater

Water Heaters Only, Inc Concord completed a water heater repair for a 6 year old, 40 gallon water heater that was not producing any hot water.

Upon arrival, our technician diagnosed the unit to have a failed pilot assembly, as the pilot would not hold a flame and the unit was unable to heat the water.

He was able to open up the burner chamber, removed the failed pilot assembly, installed the new pilot assembly, and ensured the burner chamber was clear of any debris and looked in good working condition.

Our technician then resealed the burner chamber and lit the pilot light. Once the pilot light was on, he set the temperature and watched to see that the burner turned on. After the water heater has been heating up for a bit, he turned the temperature down to the lowest setting, the burner turned off as it should have, and then he set the temperature at the recommended 120F degrees.


The home owner checked the hot water in the house and they had nice hot flowing water again!

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