How to save money AND the planet with your hot water heater

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How to save money AND the planet with your hot water heater

Did you know that water heating is the second largest energy expense in your home?

Heating water with efficient water heaters uses far less energy than traditional water heaters.

When you heat with an efficient hot water heater, these are some of the features you want to make sure you are using:

  • A storage water heater: These units heat water in a tank using natural gas or another fuel.  They have better insulation and provide improved heating efficiency.
  • An electric heat pump water heater: Most often located in your garage or basement, these units use half the electricity of storage electric water heaters.
  • A tankless gas water heater: This unit will provide water only when needed. Rather than store water in a tank, your water is heated quickly as it moves through a heating unit.

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There are alternative ways to heat water at your home or business as well!

  • Using the method called wastewater heat recovery, you may be able to recycle existing heat! This method can also be referred to as the drain-water heat recovery system. The way it works is the water heater captures the heat from water going down the drain to help heat fresh water coming in to the bath or shower.
  • Another renewable source of energy for hot water heating in your home or business is the use of a solar water heating system. The typical design of a solar hot water heater includes roof-mounted solar collectors to heat water using the sun’s energy. When connected to a backup storage tank water heater, hot water is always available!

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