Water Heaters

Water Heaters Only, Inc. saves the day with a New Hot Water Heater!

how water heater fast

 did a thorough inspection on the specific needs for the property and determined a standard water heater would get the job done. Not only that but they were able to install it on the same day (key detail for this rental property owner with upset tenants).”

The Hot Water Heater technician completed the job, from arrival to clean up, in under 2 hours for about $1500.

Water Heaters Only, Inc. worked closely with Sandy to make sure the standard Hot Water Heater would pass inspection and when the city came out to inspect her new unit, it passed with flying colors!

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“I am very thankful Water Heaters Only did not try to take advantage of me seeing that I was rental property owner desperate for a quick solution,” said Sandy. 

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