Water Heater Problems

No hot water

Water Heater Repair

No hot water – the worst way to start your day!

Have you ever woken up a little tired and really looking forward to a nice warm shower to help get your day start. Then you hop in the shower and get a face full of cold water. After such an abrupt wake up, you grudgingly walk out to the garage to find water all over the floor and you realize that your water heater has probably broken.

Having your water heater go bad is never a good way to start the day, at Water Heaters Only, Inc we know all about the misery of having no hot water. Specializing in water heaters since 1968 has given us the opportunity to run into almost every water heater situation and no matter what happens having no hot water is never any fun.

If your water heater is over 10 years old, it’s a good idea to do a little inspection every few months just to keep on top of a problem that might occur. Sometimes a water heater can develop a small slow leak that you can address before the water heater breaks completely. More often a water heater will burst at the bottom and a large amount of hot water will leak out onto the surrounding area. If you have no hot water, but the water heater is not leaking it might be something as simple as the pilot light¬† is out, in this case a simple relight or a water heater repair might be a viable option.

How to check to see if your pilot light is on

Remove the out door at the bottom of your water heater

Look through the small viewing window on the water heater to see if you notice a small flame.

If you can not reach the viewing window Рget a small mirror and hold it up to the viewing window and see if you can see a small flame inside the water heater. If there is no flame, look on the water heater for the pilot lighting instructions.  Follow the insturctions and see if you can relight the pilot. If it will not relight, if may be time to call for service.