Not Enough Hot Water

Not Enough Hot Water

My hot water is lukewarm, it doesn’t really get hot like it used to?

If it feels like your running out of hot water or your water doesn’t get really hot, your water heater may be experiencing problems from sediment or a malfunctioning part.


A good way to test for sediment is to drain your water heater and see if any debris or small rocky like matter comes out with the water. If is does then water heater is starting to get sediment build up that is keeping your water heater from fully heating up.  Another sign of sediment build up is a rumbling or banging noise coming from the water heater when it is heating up. That is a sign that the sediment has hardened to the tank, unfortunately draining the water heater doesn’t usually help at this point. You may need to have the water heater professionally drained or replaced  to remedy this issue.

Malfunctioning or Faulty Part

t-statIf you have a newer water heater and you notice that the water just doesn’t get as hot as it used to and you have already checked to make sure that no one else in the home has adjusted the thermostat, you may have a malfunctioning part. Depending on the age of your water heater, you may have warranty coverage for you replacement parts. If you can find the model number and serial number on your water heater before you call we can valid the age and tell you know if there is any warranty for your parts. If it is still covered under a warranty we can try to warranty replace a part or give you the information on how to obtain a part under warranty.